The heat is on!

When the weekend race forecast is in the mid-30s and you're signed up to solo 100-miles, unless your sauna training includes a treadmill, the suffering will be real.  What to do?  Some of Alberta's finest 100-mile athletes share their advice:     Dave Proctor, Guinness treadmill world record holder, is also the Sinister 7 record holder, set … Continue reading The heat is on!

Trail Racing Tips

Saturday's post-run Cafe Savard featured ETR ambassador, Jessica Laird, to talk about her personal training tips for finishing or competing in an ultra race.  As an experienced trail and ultra runner who has taken the podium at all of her 100-milers and many other distances, Jessica offered great advice for the group.  This blog captures the gems of … Continue reading Trail Racing Tips

Lessons Learned…a blog about a blog.

Recently, Michael Strzelecki (I hope I never have to pronounce his last name) posted a list of lessons he's learned from 31 years of trail running.  Worth the read. ( In my short 10 years of running, I've often discussed these same topics at length with my husband, also an ultra runner, so the 18 … Continue reading Lessons Learned…a blog about a blog.